It's my first mix with the tail of my profile

Normal Mixel: Teslo

Original Mixel: Teslo

Moves: Winking


In every episode he uses his tail like a microphone Super mega microphone strength to reveal to others Mixels

Calling all mixels: Tail turning to daily

Trivia:He has most appearances with eight appearances since he is the only confirmed Mix because in the episode The coats he said that Magnifo was guilty of stealing Cookironis of Zorch and he was a little donkey's Revenge Flurr because he did not know had Flurr bad breath or Italian dragon and the episode Know Frosticons he said that Frosticons has reason to fall or freeze popsicles then it shows that it can be either smart or dumb

However he is smarter than dumb.


Know Frosticons

the coats

Revenge of Flurr

Teslo explodes

The game

Hopscotch with Jessie

The heart

Valentine's Day (special) part 2

Errors: He was not stupid in the episode Revenge of Flurr why he just stumbles the name to Flurr so do not know if going to Trivia or not.

In his prototype he was told as Flain / Teslo Murp instead mix.

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