It is the standard mix my profile first appeared in The inacreditable happened in Mixelland but not Appears

Normal Mixel: Flain

Original Mixel: Flain

Moves: He shakes his head like in the episode Dancing


The inacreditable happened in  Mixelland but not appears: He splashed fire all over the world (even the other mixels) until everything returned to normal should be one of his skills Head fire and fire stone

Calling all mixel: Fire Brain

Trivia: He (possibly) could have a brief appearance in The Great Escape Part 2

He is mistaken as Zorch for its ability to be pushover


The inacreditable happened in Mixelland but not appears

Dancing (almost in front of Slumbo background)

The great escape (Part 2) (could possibly have a brief appearance)

Errors: Dancing in the episode he has no feet.

In the following episodes in several descriptions it is written as Zorch / Shuff Mix.

Sometimes your belly has body body such as your events were a bit forgotten (despite the weakness was not corrected goes to The Great Escape (part 2) or not) and when he always nods its beak disappears and turns into mouth for reasons unknown this Mix has but 3,000 lives in The inacreditable happened in Mixelland but not more Appears in dancing was shown to have 30 growth qualities or life.

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