(At Freddy Fazbear's, 9:27 PM)

Dark Flain,Colored in purple,: I HATE THIS JOB! Everyday, we have to put on the same animal costumes and wear them until 8 pm!

Dark Ferione, Colored in dark pink: Well at least you get to wear Freddy! I have to wear that crummy rabbit!

Dark Flain: Wait! I have an idea! This will handle THREE things!

Dark Ferione: Ooh! Tell me!

Dark Flain: You know how our enemies, The Mixels, defeat us everytime we fight them? Well, We'll get our revenge by killing their offspring, put them in animatronic suits, show 'em to the CEO, and we get a promotion!

Dark Ferione: Perfect idea! Let's begin tomorrow!

*The next day*

Dark Flain: *In Freddy suit, Handing kids cake, while a crying child(Venturi, Daughter of Ribbon and Lupendrov) is locked outside*

Dark Ferione: *Drives car up the street and walks out*

Venturi: *Looks in fear as Dark Ferione kills her, and leaves her behind*

Dark Flain: *Looks at the scene,Grabs notepad, and crosses out "Ribbon + Lupendrov"*

To Be Continued...

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