Ekimu A.K.A Mask Maker



Skull Grinder (head close up)

Ekimu: Ready?

Skull Grinder: If I win, I destroy all golden masks, And if you win, I won't do anything to the masks. Go Yveltal!

Ekimu: OMG! That's a Flying type! My pokemon is a Bug/Fighting type, It's super weak! I choose you, Heracross!

Skull Grinder: Yveltal, use fly!

Ekimu: Use Close Combat!

Ekimu's Heracross: Hera! (I don't know where he is!)

Skull Grinder: It's time to use fly!

  • Skull Grinder's Yveltal uses fly*

Annoucer: It's a one hit KO!

Skull Grinder/Yveltal WIN


Onua: I'm ready to battle!

Skull Grinder: I will destroy the masks later!

Announcer: Will Onua win against the Skull Grinder to save the masks? Or will the Skull Grinder destroy them all? Stay tuned to see the battle!

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