Announcer:WELCOME TO THE ANNUAL DUEL SPORTS! Let's include our new team, THE NUMBER HUNTERS!

First game:Baseball


  • Each baseball contains a monster inside, you miss it when you swing too early or too late, you take damage equal to its ATK points.
  • Lose all your Life Points and you're out.
  • When you hit the ball with the bat, you have to run to the next base, if someone catches it before you get to a base or get a home run, you take damage equal to the monster's ATK points.
  • Get a home run (when you are NOT out or you've lost Life Points), you regain Life Points equal to the number of bases you ran to x 1000 points.
  • Each 5 outs means it's time to switch. (If on batting, go to field, if on field, go to batting).
  • 3 strikes (if on batting), you're out.
  • When you get to a base before someone catches the ball, you do not take damage and you are safe.
  • First team to get 5 points wins.
  • If the team (on field) gets 2 people out, the team gets 2 points.
  • If the batter misses the ball 3 times or lose their Life Points and gets out, the field team gets a point.


The Number Hunters VS The Bikini Bottom Sea

The Bikini Bottom Sea-Batting
The Number Hunters-Field

Flain:....Spongebob Squarepants. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? You know who. (throws ball)

Spongebob:(misses ball)

LP 4000 - LP 800 = LP 3200

Flain:(throws ball)

Spongebob:(hits ball) RUN!

Flain:(catches ball)


LP 3200 - LP 2400 = LP 800

Flain:(throws ball)

Spongebob:(misses ball)

LP 800 - LP 1000 = LP 0

OUT! (1 OUT)

The Number Hunters-1
The Bikini Bottom Sea-0

Sonic:Squidward....This is gonna be good.

Squidward:(hits ball) RUN!

Flain:(catches ball)


Major Nixel:Wow, Patrick Star. This is easy. (throws ball)

Patrick:(misses ball)

LP 4000 - LP 1800 = LP 2200

Major Nixel:Again!

Patrick:(misses ball)

LP 2200 - LP 1900 = LP 300

Major Nixel:AGAIN!

Patrick:(misses ball)

LP 300 - LP 900 = LP 0


The Number Hunters-2
The Bikini Bottom Sea-0

Teslo:Mr.Krabs! (throws ball)

Mr.Krabs:(hits ball) RUN!

Sonic:(catches ball)

OUT! (Squidward & Mr.Krabs) (4 OUTS)

The Number Hunters-4
The Bikini Bottom Sea-0

Volectro:Sandy! (throws ball)

Major Nixel:This is for the win! (catches ball)


The Number Hunters-5
The Bikini Bottom Sea-0


Second Game:Tennis

To be continued.......

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