The pound puppies want to join The Awesome Team to help them defeat The Darks and their leaders.


(Thunderbolt Red X is seen putting a sign on the door reading "New Recruits Needed".)

  • Flain:Okay, sign put up. And now, we wait.

(1 hour later)


  • Yuma:That must be the New Recruits.

(Dog barking)

  • Yuma:What? Hang on. Flain, you take care of these dogs, try to communicate with them with our Dog Tag thingy.

(Flain wears the Dog Tag)

  • Lucky:We're the Pound Puppies, and we saw your sign.
  • Flain:Hey Yuma, these dogs wants to join our team.
  • Yuma:Let them in.
  • Flain:Okay, you guys are in.

(dogs cheering outside)

  • Yuma:Looks like they're happy.

(Another hour later)

  • Strudel:I don't think the Mixel they call "Flain" should participate in the activity they call a "Duel".
  • Flain:I don't care, go away.
  • Strudel:I'm trying to better understand your behavior, Flain.
  • Strudel:Observation #1:The Mixel they called "Flain" participates in the activity they call a "Duel".
  • Flain:That's your first observation in this team?
  • Strudel:Kinda.
  • Thunderbolt Red X (in background):I won a duel.
  • Strudel:Observation #2:The boy that they call "Thunderbolt Red X" is the twin brother of the boy they call "Thunderbolt X".
  • Flain:Can you go already?
  • Strudel:Nope.
  • Flain:Fine.

(The next day)

  • Lucky:Morning, everyone.
  • Vetrix:What in the world? PUPPIES?! What are they doing in our team?
  • Flain:Vetrix, they are now in our team.
  • Vetrix:But they're just a bunch of dogs.
  • Flain:If you have a problem with it, fine!

(In the nighttime)

  • Squirt:You know, Flain. That guy named "Vetrix", I think his voice is annoying.
  • Flain:Same here. Even though Vetrix WAS Yuma's enemy before, but now I believe he's his friend.
  • Kite:Look that all that snow.
  • Yuma:I know, it's like a snowstorm hit this place.
  • Black Tails:Hey guys, what are these dogs doing here?
  • Flain:Oh, Black Tails, these are the Pound Puppies.
  • Black Tails:Hi.


  • Dark Comet:(wicked laugh) Hello. Does anyone want to duel me?
  • Flain:I'll duel the dark king.
  • Strudel:I knew it, Flain does duel.
  • Sonic.EXE:He's also a Number Hunter.
  • Strudel:Number Hunter?
  • Teslo:It's someone who hunts numbers. So Flain plans on collecting all the numbers.
  • Flain:Let's duel!


To be continued.....

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