Dine & Dash


Sonic the hedgehog 3d by fentonxd-d54b60o

British Sonic lll

British Sonic lll:Hey look, a hedgehog vs 2 cats?

Dine:You're darn right. Now let's duel!

British Sonic lll:This will be a Pendulum Summon duel.


Dine & Dash LP 4000

British Sonic lll LP 4000

Dash:I draw! I summon Dragon Horn Hunter, then activating its effect, All Normal Monsters gain 200 ATK. I take no battle damage from battles involving Normal Monsters I control. then i'll summon Dragoons of Draconia. Then i end my turn.

British Sonic lll:I draw! I summon Performapal Fire Mufflerlion, then end my turn.

Dine:I draw! I summon Qliphort Monolith, GO, attack the lion!

British Sonic lll:UUUGGGHH!

LP 4000 - LP 1600 = LP 2400

Dine:Then Dash's Dragon Horn Hunter will attack you directly!

British Sonic lll:AAAAAAAHHHHH!!

LP 2400 - LP 2300 = LP 100

Dash:Then my other dragon will attack you as well!


LP 100 - LP 1800 = LP 0

Dine & Dash WIN

Flain:Wow, that was GREAT!

Tails:I didn't know they were that good as being a team.

Flain:(thinking) Just like me and Number 22 are a team and no one will ever break our bond.


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