Flain LP 4000

Dark Zorch LP 2500

Dark Zorch:YOU WILL PAY!!

Flain:Oh wow, really? I have a powerful number and no one will beat me with Number 22 by my side. No one will ever break the bond of me and Number 22. I'll summon Enraged Muka Muka, then i'll activate its special ability, this card gains 400 ATK and DEF points, i have 5 cards, so that means Enraged Muka Muka gains 2000 ATK and DEF points.

Enraged Muka Muka

ATK 1200 ↔ ATK 3200

DEF 600 ↔ DEF 2600

Flain:I end my trun.

Dark Zorch:I draw! I activate the field spell Umi, ALL Fish, Sea Serpent, Thunder, and Aqua-Type monsters gain 200 ATK and DEF points and ALL Machine and Pyro-Type monsters gets their ATK and DEF decreased by 200 points. Then i'll summon Amphibious Bugroth MK-3, then i'll activate its special ability. As long as "Umi" remains face-up on the field, this card can attack you directly. GO, attack Flain!


LP 4000 - LP 1500 = LP 2500

Dark Zorch:I'll summon Blackwing - Fane the Steel Chain. I'll activate its special ability. This card attacks you directly, if it deals damage to you, i can pick one of your monsters, that monster is chnaged to Defense Mode. Attack him directly!


LP 2500 - LP 500 - LP 2000

Dark Zorch:Probably, you'll understand my power.

Flain:My turn! I draw! I summon Battlin' Boxer Glassjaw, then i'm summoning Battlin' Boxer Big Bandage. GO, Number 22, attack Blackwing!


LP 2500 - LP 4000 = LP 0

Flain WIN

Flain:No one messes with me and Number 22.

British Sonic:Hello there. I am the British Sonic III and this is British Tails III.

The British:And we are the British.

Flain:Oh great. Now they were The Darks, now they're British people in our way.

(Somewhere in a nearby alley...)

Dine:Come on, Dash. Let's go.

Toy Bonnie:Hold it right there.

Rodney:Hold on, you're those robots that dueled Sonic.EXE, Tails Doll & Tails.

Freddy Fazbear:That's right.

Sonic:If you're dueling, so am i.

Flain:So we're dueling British people?

Mr.McLeish:I think.

Astral:Well, these people are called "British people".

Yuma:Well, i am dueling as well.

Kite:Me too, Yuma. Even though me and Flain are Number Hunters.

Shark:Hold up, me and Vetrix will duel too.

Vetrix:That's right, because i wouldn't let a friend down.

Sonic.EXE:We're here.

To be continued.....

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