41532 Burnard a





Burnard: ha. I see you accepted my challenge. GO GROUDON!

Ferione: OMG a legendary pokemon?!?! go Typhlosion!

Burnard: Groudon! primal evolve! and then use earthquake!

Nixel Announcer: IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!

Ferione: NOO! Typhlosion! we can win this..... use flamethrower!

Nixel Announcer: it's not very effective.

Burnard: Use earthquake again!

Nixel Announcer: KO! Burnard/Groudon wins!

Ferione: that was the worst battle ever!

Nixel Announcer: you have lost, see you again!

Ferione: let's battle again!

Nixel Announcer: ferione, you can rematch Burnard after the tournament is finished.

Boogly: who challenge boogly? boogly have gengar!


Boogly: Boogly ready!

To be continued in Boogly VS Flain (Pokemon battle)!

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