Sonic the hedgehog 3d by fentonxd-d54b60o

British Sonic lll is the british version of Sonic The Hedgehog. He is also known as a duelist in Mixels-Yu-Gi-Oh.

Yu-Gi-Oh Opponent(s)/Outcomes

Rodney/Fender (LOSE)

Dine/Dash (LOSE)

Mixels-Midnight Club 2 Quotes

-Enigma: "A new challenger, okay."

"I'm not interested in what you have to say, DRIVE!"

-Intuition: "How did this happen? This fool will never beat me!"

"You'll never beat me, let's go again!"

-Defeated: "This fool has won himself a world of pain"

"I got no car, where am i supposed to go?"


  • In Mixels-Midnight Club 2, British Sonic lll drives a Toyota Supra MK IV.

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