1024px-NSMBW Artwork Mario


Luigi: Mario, are you sure you want to do this?

Mario: Yes! Because I... Am... GOOD!

Bowser: You sure about that wimp? I could imagine a toasted plumber appearing in the future...

Mario: Face it Bowser, you are a bad guy, which means you're going to lose! Only good guys win!

Bowser" Then come for it, wimp. Do what you did in the old days.

Mario: Let's a' duel!


Bowser LP 4000

Mario LP 4000

Mario: I Draw! I summon Princess a' Peach! Then end my turn with a facedown'a.

Kamek: You do know that's not an actual character, right plumber butt?

Mario: Oh...

Bowser: I draw! Gwahahahah.... I summon Koopalings in DEF mode, then I summon... Well, IDK... I'm too lazy to do the rest so GO, Kidnap Princess Peach!

Mario: Not so fast'a! I activate the trap'a Castle Bricks! This card negates your attack.

Bowser Jr.: Oh, and hewe's dis bawmb Mawio!

Mario: Take that'a!

Bowser: With that, I end my turn!

Mario: I Draw! I summon a' Goomba! Then i end my turn'a.

Bowser: I draw! I summon... Hm.... How about... MYSELF!!! MYSELF, ATTACK MARIO DIRECTLY!


LP 4000 - LP 1100 = LP 2900

Bowser: It's about time the bad guys win!



Mario: W-wah? But the good guys always win in Yu-Gi-Ih duels! This is insane!

Bowser: Face it Mario! Gwahahahahahah!

Bowser Junior:Go DAD!

Bowser:I end my turn!

Mario:I'a draw! I summon Toad! Then i activate Toad's special ability, by using 1 Overlay Unit'a, he can attack you directly!


LP 4000 - LP 1000 = LP 3000

Bowser: You know what, I give up. People these days don't know how to be a good sport and let an antagonist win sometimes. I'm not trying to harm anything. Why can't a bad guy win? Just, just- YOU KNOW WHAT!? I'm gonna go home. My Koopa Kingdom is all your's. Take my Clown Car's keys, hire my Whomps, etc... Anyways, i'm the first person in the article's title, meaning that i'm the one who's gonna win but... Wait, did TurboMixel modify this article to make Mario win? Now I know who to REALLY battle...

Part 2 coming soon.

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