250px-Major Nixel transparent

Bowser: I must go to the Nether to save them! KOOPAS! Build a Nether Portal!

(Koopas build a Nether Portal, and Bowser enters it.)

Herobrine: Welcome to hell. I hope your soul feels comfy here.

Bowser 50 HP (Weapon used: Diamond Sword) (Wearing diamond armor)

Major Nixel 50 HP (Weapon used: Diamond Axe) (Wearing iron armor)

Herobrine 200 HP

Major Nixel: If you win, you can have your friends back! If you lose, you're all mine! Anyways, you're obviously going to lose. 

Bowser: I think not!

Herobrine: I shall summon the rain of fire! (Shoots dozens of Fire Charges at Bowser)

Bowser: GAAAH! I must protect myself! (Right clicks and protects himself with the diamond sword, but somehow reflects the fire charges at Herobrine.)

Herobrine 148 HP

Herobrine: Not bad for a goner like you.

Bowser: How did I do that? That was CRAZY!

Major Nixel: With this powerful weapon, nothing will stop me!

Bowser: Let's see about that!

(Major Nixel & Bowser frequently hit eachother with their weapons.)

Bowser 25 HP

Major Nixel 4 HP

Major Nixel: DARN IT!!!

Bowser: Time to finish you. (Attacks Major Nixel.)

Major Nixel 0 HP

Bowser: Ooh, he had some cooked meat (Grabs food, and eats it)

Bowser 50 HP

Herobrine: PREPARE TO DIE! (Summons sword of nether and runs to get it, but Bowser ends up getting it first.)

Bowser: No, YOU die! (Attacks Herobrine with sword of nether when fully charged)

Herobrine 0 HP

Bowser WIN

Major Nixel: Okay, you can have your friends back... But i'm still not gonna stop from domination!

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