• LexTheCoolRaichu133
    I saw the TV promo, and they said it was gonna be the season 2 finale of Digimon Fusion today, i saw the finale on TV, in the end of the episode, it said "The End", so it's probably the season 2 finale or series finale of Digimon Fusion. Shoutmon became king, and the Digimon World and the human world had been saved by the Fusion Fighters, after they defeated Lord Bagra and his army.

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  • LexTheCoolRaichu133

    Due to the series finale of Mixels-Yu-Gi-Oh, i have been thinking of a second Mixels-Yu-Gi-Oh series. Our hero, Flain, and his friends will return in the series along with some new friends/allies. And with their also new UNEXPECTED ally.........MAJOR NIXEL! The EXEs and the Darks are defeated, but the dueling gang have to defeat their new undefeated villain.......KING NIXEL!  In this series, Flain (The Undefeated Number Hunter) and his friends/allies will encounter a new villain King Nixel.

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  • LexTheCoolRaichu133

    I made my new YouTube series "The Adventures Of Sonic.EXE & Tails Doll". And i sent TheStretcherFlexerKings the first 2 episodes of the series.

    Episode 1:

    Episode 2:

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  • LexTheCoolRaichu133

    Dear ADMINS of this wiki, i've found this note of the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Arena game in Miniclip.

    Dear fans of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena, Thanks to all of you for your loyalty and support on Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena available on since June 2014. We regret to say that Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena will be going offline according to the following schedule.

    2015/01/28 UTC 8:00am: Termination of "Premium Partner Recruiting" Service.

    2015/02/25 UTC 8:00am: Termination of Item Micro Transaction Service by Miniclip Credit.

    • Purchase by Duel Point is still continued after this date.

    2015/03/27 UTC 8:00am: Termination of the entire service

    We will commit to support the service until the very last day. Once again, we sincerely appreciate your continuous support an…

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  • LexTheCoolRaichu133

    ATTENTION! We will be having a tournament for a duel, so here are the duelists entering!





    Dark Comet

    Dark Sonic

    Dark Flash




    Major Nixel



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  • LexTheCoolRaichu133

    800 EDITS!!!

    January 8, 2015 by LexTheCoolRaichu133

    800 EDITS!! I have made it to 800 already. This is really cool, I didn't know I would make it this far! I finally made to that amount of edits already, for my edits, and times being here, I would like to host a party at MixelLand Wiki! (MORE Episodes, GAMES (Mixels Version), Mixels-DINO ROBOTS, Mixels-ReactToThat, NEW Wiki Background, NEW Super Smash Flash 2 Battles, MORE Transformers + LBX battles, NEW Sing-A-Longs, NEW Mixels-Yu-gi-Oh Duels.)

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  • LexTheCoolRaichu133

    Username Change

    December 28, 2014 by LexTheCoolRaichu133

    GamerboyTURBO3455 now known as TURBOMixel997 has entered a new username for Wikia. Instead of GamerboyTURBO3455 all the time, i decided to change my username to TURBOMixel997, this new username is the same name as my YouTube Channel.

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  • LexTheCoolRaichu133

    Hey everyone, i had a good christmas day and i had some good presents that day.

    List of gifts i received:

    Bag (Scarf, 2 Skittles Candy Boxes, Chenille Stems (Assorted Colors), Mechanical Pencils, Transformers Prime Beast Hunters (Smokescreen), Refillable/Rechargeable Mechanical Pencils, Cra-Z-Art Crayons)

    LEGO City Building Toy

    Wireless Notebook

    LEGO Creator Building Toy

    Block-Tech Fire Response Building Toy

    Block-Tech Dinosaur Island Building Toy

    Quick-Change Robot System (Dino Robot)

    2 Candy Canes

    Hershey Candy Cane (with M&Ms inside)

    Transformers Bumblebee (or whatever Transformer i had) Flipshot Toy

    Presents from Christmas Eve:

    Xbox Games:

    Rainbow Six 3 (Tom Clancy's)

    Midnight Club 3 (DUB Edition)

    Midnight Club 2

    Need for Speed Underground

    NBA Street Vo…

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  • LexTheCoolRaichu133


    December 24, 2014 by LexTheCoolRaichu133

    Hey everyone, GamerboyTURBO3455 aka TURBOMixel997/Flain here and i wanted to say to everyone on this wiki that i have a youtube channel. And TheStrectherFlexerKings has a youtube channel too.

    My Channel:


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  • WatermelonSunshine

    I'm writing a funny new Mixels episode for this wiki TOMORROW!

    • It will feature Krader, Volectro, Zorch, Gobba, Lunk, Kraw, Scorpi, and Glurt.
    • It will be WEIRD and FUNNY!
    • The Annoying Screamy Whiny Bratty Damsels In Distresses like Sweetie and Sakura won't be in it. But I like them, just so you know, because they are very girly!
    • It will have Warfare Puppetry (see the comments on Zorch Joins The US Army if you are unsure what Warfare Puppetry is) in it!
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  • Hyperealistic Gaben


    December 1, 2014 by Hyperealistic Gaben

    I'm making stuff from Thedrksiren since we could steal as much art as we want. I call them Dorxels, female Mixels with eyelashes. So far, I have only made Dorklectro. Dorklurr will be coming soon.

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  • Slygirlswagg

    Comming soon in 8014

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  • Mix Robot

    My Chat Party

    November 24, 2014 by Mix Robot

    I'm making a chat party and i'm going to invite some people

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  • LexTheCoolRaichu133


    November 4, 2014 by LexTheCoolRaichu133

    Welcome users!

    The MixelLand Wiki will seat you with features you can do, earn badges and chat with other users/ADMINs at the chatroom.

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