Tails:Hello, Foxy! I got a new deck.

Foxy:ARRRR! Let's duel!


Tails LP 4000

Foxy LP 4000

Foxy:I shall go first! I draw! I summon Big Shield Gardna in DEF mode. Then i'll end my turn!

Tails:I draw! I Special Summon Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls, by banishing 2 WATER and/or Dragon-Type monsters from my hand to my Graveyard in order to summon this monster. Then i'll summon Red-Eyes B. Dragon, then I Overlay my 2 monsters in order to build the Overlay Network, I Xyz Summon Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger. GO attack Big Shield Gardna! Then i'll activate its special ability. If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, you take damage!


LP 4000 - LP 2600 = LP 1400

Sonic.EXE:Wow, Tails is doing good at this, he might win this Duel.

Tails:I place 1 card facedown and end my turn!

Foxy:I draw! I summon Beaver Warrior, I end my turn!

Tails:I'm gonna win this! GO Gaia Dragon, attack Beaver Warrior!


LP 1400 - LP 1400 = LP 0

Tails WIN

Sonic.EXE:He won!

Freddy:He won?! We will return.


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