Tails Doll


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Tails Doll:It's time to duel, Chicken!

Chica:Whatever you say.


Tails Doll LP 4000

Chica LP 4000

Chica:I go first! I draw! I summon Effect Veiler. Then I end my turn with 1 facedown.

Tails Doll:I'll end you next! I draw! I summon Thunder King Rai-Oh & King Tiger Wanghu, I activate King Tiger Wanghu's special ability, When a monster(s) with 1400 or less ATK is Normal Summoned or Special Summoned, those monsters are destroyed. So bye-bye, Effect Veiler. GO Thunder King, attack her directly!


LP 4000 - LP 1900 = LP 2100

Tails Doll:GO, King Tiger! Attack her directly too!


LP 2100 - LP 1700 = LP 400

Tails Doll:I overlay my monsters in order to build the Overlay Network, I Xyz Summon Number 103: Ragnazero.

Chica:A NUMBER OVER 100?!

Sonic.EXE:Chica is on her 400 Life Points, another attack and she's done!

Flain:I didn't know Tails Doll had that kind of a number.

Tails Doll:I activate the continuous trap Number Wall. "Number" monsters on the field cannot be destroyed by card effects, and cannot be destroyed by battle except with another "Number" monster. I end my turn for now.

Chica:I draw! I summon Soul Tiger in ATK mode. I end my turn.

Tails Doll:My move! GO King Tiger, attack Soul Tiger and end this duel!


LP 400 - LP 1700 = LP 0

Tails Doll WIN

Flain:He won.

Tails:And I'm dueling Foxy! Even though both of us are foxes.

Foxy:ARR! Let us duel!



To be continued......

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